Monday, June 7, 2010


Northern Indiana is not a fun place to be. But then, we wouldn't have taken this gigantic detour had northern Ohio been passable.

We hit the largest horde of zombies I have ever seen about an hour and a half shy of the Michigan state line. As we came over a hill, we saw a crowd of milling people so vast that we couldn't see the road under them anymore. There had to be a hundred thousand of them. We bolted, of course, as quickly as the bus could turn, and not knowing the area well, we got a bit lost trying to find an alternate route.

We are back on track now, but while only bigger places in Ohio looked truly devastated, Indiana looks like shit pretty much everywhere. Looks like riots and arson destroyed most stuff before the zombies had a chance.

Holy shit, there are some people on the road ahead of us, and they have some big ass guns. Dave is yelling, saying something about holding on...

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