Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't Tread On Me

The work here continues, but under a lot more stress than before. Zombies have started to drift this way in fairly large numbers, and add to that a bit of a revelation from Jack, and it comes up to shitty work conditions.

Turns out that before this group got to read up on us and get a feel for who and what we are, the general consensus was to basically co-opt the entire compound and bring all of us up here to work as the farmers to their manufacturers. Not exactly slavery, but they were preparing to get agreement from us by any means necessary.

Jack told us this because he had managed to change the minds of a great many people. The simple fact is that there is just not enough land around here that is ready to be farmed on. So while these folks will have enough to eat if they are careful through this coming winter, they will be in a pretty desperate situation come spring. Jack made it clear that the only chance they would have would be to trade with us for our extra, because our weather down in Kentucky will allow us to produce more food for a longer period of time.

Everyone back at the compound is working hard on the wall, but some groups have been sent out to check some of the farms in our county and the surrounding ones. I am told that a large shipment of corn and grains can be sent if trucks can be provided, and that the farms directly to the west of the compound have a large number of cattle showing back up after all this time. It's a big place, so we hadn't been able to search all of it.

Frankfort has a lot of resources for food. Farms are numerous and bountiful, but after learning that these people were seriously considering trying to make us into some lower class to work for them (though they don't see it quite that way) we aren't inclined to be particularly generous with our foodstuffs. From here on out, we deal in quid pro quo. If they want food from us, we get technology and equipment.

We are trying to be as pragmatic about this as we can. We simply can't afford to pack up and go home, forgo ties with these folk. We need each other if we are going to have a chance at rebuilding, really taking a shot at the long haul. We have many plans for things that we can have them make, and they were trying to watch out for their own, after all. I can't really blame a group of people that have never worked with the earth for thinking that others more experienced could do it better.

That's where we are at present. I am hoping to hear from Jess later in the morning to find out what we can send up here. Jack assures me that a shipment of solar panels and the equipment we need to make them work on our little grid will be ready to go when we are.

Hopefully this arrangement can be a long term solution to some of our problems. If we can make it work, then all of us will be much safer and happier people.

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