Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heavy Metal

So here we are, smack in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. This is the sort of thing I used to joke about back before the fall, but right now the truth of what we are living through has never been more clear.

My group and I are still in Michigan helping Jack and his large community get plants in the ground and devising strategies for expansion of their farmland. We think that we can clear more area than we thought yesterday, mainly because we have found a large quarry about an hour away, and the machinery there will make very quick work of asphalt, concrete, buildings, you name it.

So things are looking up, except for the huge wave of zombies that came in last night. People were still out working, of course, because Jack has the people and the resources (battery powered lights, charged up during the day by solar panels). Apparently a couple of guys have been working on an interesting defense system that none of us had any idea about. I don't know the exact details, but it involves something that looks like a catapult, some interesting devices that get launched from it which spin about and cause mucho damage to whatever they hit, and some very good aim. All in all not too bad an attack for us.

Jack is sending out a party of about fifty people to clear the way down to the town we got ambushed at. We want to define as clear a trade route as possible between us and them, and perhaps we can establish contact and maybe trade with our unknown assailants as well...

My folks back home tell me that the farms around us are pretty lush with crops. I think we will make a go at farming them again next year, since many of them were planted before the zombies hit us. Long term sustainability, here we come!

Oh! I almost forgot. Jack and his group are designing us some transports and beefing up our bus even more. New engine, new transmission, new armor...and the transports will be amazing. I've seen bits and pieces, and it blows me away. Jack had an idea to help us build the wall faster, and he is having some simple snap-together sections fabricated for us. Plenty of metal around here to do it with, and he says making them is simple and easy. I think he might be trying to make up for the attitude his people had about us before they got to know us, but I will take any help I can get.

Having a good time and the future is looking a little brighter, but I miss the compound. I miss my friends and neighbors, and most of all I miss my wife. Be safe, we will be home to you all soon.

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  1. I hate to be the one that pisses in your oatmeal, but I've got bad news on the home front. Do you remember John Hastings the small minded preacher that did all the graffiti last month and got exiled naked last month? Well he's been slipping into the compound for the last two weeks recruiting people to come to the new camp he found. I only found out about this late this after noon, when one of the people he tried to recruit came and told me that about 10 people, and 3 kids were going to leave with him. I said no sweat if they want to leave no one was going to stop them. Thats when I was told they planned to take as much of the food and weapons that they could smuggle out over the next couple of nights. I kept my self in check and went and found Treesong so a clear head could go and talk to these people. When we went up to the house with John and most of his people, some one opened fire. I swear we had no weapons on us we just went to talk. I got grazed in the arm, but Treesong was hit in the hip and was bleeding badly. I got him out of their as fast as I could. Evens worked on him, got the bullet out and the bleeding stopped. As of a few minutes ago he was conscious and talking so he should be ok. When I got back to the house it was empty. So I ran straight to the armory and was fired on as soon as I was in sight. Guess Evens told some one what was going on because some body on the tower returned fire and saved my ass. Thats how it sits now the armory is surrounded, John and his crew won't come out. Treesong is trying to be brave and stupid at the same time by wanting to go negotiate. Me and Evens won't let him. I've tried talking but only get bullets in response. Want to starve them out but they've got kids in there. Don't know what to do brother. Got any ideas?