Thursday, June 3, 2010

...of the fittest.

What a day. We've been cleaning up the bodies from the massive assault yesterday, burning zombies in huge piles. We managed to get by with few injuries and no fatalities, but it was a close thing. The saving grace this go round was the wall and the defensive structures we have in place. Stakes and trenches are awesome precautions.

It also helps that we piled a lot of debris up around the compound, just past where the wall will be when we complete the other parts of it. It discouraged large groups from getting through those areas, but the front is the only easily accessible part anyway.

We can't take another like it anytime soon. We had to pull every person to fight, and it went on for hours. Everyone is exhausted and scared shitless, afraid that more hordes will come today. We have three groups of people out in town and on the interstate looking out for large groups.

Jackie and a few of her kids made us all proud. While the rest of us were running around and fighting, thinking only of staying alive and searching for the next kill, she and a few of her older students made runs back and forth to bring us jugs of water, dense and simple foods to keep up our energy. And between runs, they waited inside the wall , one group on each edge to quickly kill any stragglers that made it through. My sister is a bit of a girly girl, and I can't tell you the amazement that ran through me when I saw her kill a zombie with a hammer, acting with a violence and certainty that I have never seen from her before. I have this weird mix of pride and deep disquiet running through me. People do change, no matter what doctor House used to say.

Back to the hauling and lifting. It's too damn hot to be burning so much, but we don't have any other choice.

The way in is open for you if you want to come. We're safe for today.

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