Friday, June 11, 2010

Perchance to Grow

The people here have done so much.

Three massive parking lots are now clear patches of earth, and more are being worked on. My estimation of what our time frame would be didn't take into account the huge number of people willing to work all hours. There are already furrows being plowed, and seeds getting ready to hit the dirt.

So far we haven't drawn the attention of any zombies. I doubt that our luck will hold out in that area, but at the same time, given the large number of people here, I don't see anything short of a huge herd of them causing any problems.

I am getting ready to leave with a team that Jack put together, and we'll be going pretty far afield in search of foodstuffs to plant. Wish us a safe journey, and I hope all is going well at home.

As I write this, I am sitting on the roof of a factory, and the whole roof has been turned into a water-catcher. Clever design funnels the rainwater down into barrels that used to contain needed fluids for a factory to work. Now they hold the stuff that makes people work, and in great quantity. I imagine that other buildings have been similarly altered.

Below me, I see people bent over amid the peaks and valleys in the newly turned earth, a huge square of fertile possibility in a drab and gray monument to repetitive and dreary sadness. I see the sweat gleam on their brows, and I can imagine what this land will look like when it grow and blooms.

Maybe the zombies did us a favor.

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