Monday, June 21, 2010

Repeat Offenders

Evans wowed us yesterday with an amazing report on the pathology of the zombie plague. I want to do it justice, so I am saving that post for tomorrow.

Because, sadly, there are tough choices ahead of us today. The group of people that tried to take our armory by force last week are in trouble again, before we could even come up with a consensus about what to do about their previous offenses. We have been debating it very carefully, since there are children involved, but the amount of discord today's acts have incited make it imperative the we do something now.

This morning all of them and their kids sat out in front of the building we use to house our bulk grains and other food. They all sat against the front, not letting anyone in. One of the sentries on patrol around the compound saw this and asked them what it was about. They told him that they all wanted to leave, to strike out on their own, but wanted to load up a vehicle with all the food they could carry. Apparently they were acting like this was a totally reasonable statement, which most of the people here disagree with. We have no problem with them wanting to leave, but they aren't going to take more than their fair share with them. No way are the rest of us going to be weakened because they feel entitled to whatever they want.

So now all of them are locked up. The kids are being watched by my sister and a few others, but at the moment the adults have no means of communication. I am just one of many voices, and I am very glad that deciding what to do with them isn't on my shoulders. Rich and Treesong are weighing options, being two of the more levelheaded people, and Rich being our "Judge" for lack of a better term. I am betting on exile with what they can carry, and the kids getting the choice of going with them or staying. I'm guessing that way because I have already heard them talking about it. Courtney has already promised me that she will be explaining the situation to the little ones as soon as we know exactly what that situation is.

I hate to think that any parents would walk away from a place that is safe for their kids. My hope is that the children choose to stay, but I don't think that kids that young will be able to grasp the reality of the situation well enough to make an informed decision.

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