Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Ruins

We camped out last night on the Kentucky side of the river, looking toward Ohio. We have been told that the bridges were impassable, possibly destroyed, but neither is the case. We made it across with no problems, and just a few minutes ago we left Cincinnati.

Some of you might not know, or might not remember (though I can't see how anyone could forget) that this city was ground zero for the zombie outbreak. It's one thing to see news reports, to hear the stories, and another experience entirely to see the results first hand.

There were bodies everywhere. It looked like something from a nightmare, seeing great piles of human beings strewn about, people half-eaten laying in the streets. The number of zombies roaming around was incredible, and as far as we could tell, there were no living souls left. We've had to get pretty sharp at recognizing the subtle signs of covert human habitation, but none of us saw a thing. From what we could see, Cinci is a wasteland.

The buildings are mostly broken and burned, the streets lined with abandoned cars and shattered masonry. A big fire hit this place at some point, and it went through here unchecked. It looks like the national guard did a real number right before the end, given the number of obvious mortar impacts scattered around.

In all, it was pretty depressing. Not for the first time, I wish that more people had seen this for what it was early enough to stop the spread of the zombies, but if wishes were fishes...

Onward as far as the clear roads will take us, and hopefully into Michigan by nightfall.

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