Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sowing Ends

We aren't needed here any more. The ground is still being cleared in some areas, but our stock of goods has been exhausted, and what we know about growing and harvesting food Jack and his people now know as well. But of course, these are things that the people here could have figured out on their own. They might have had a harder time of it, but I am sure that they would have found things to plant and eat. The true value of this trip isn't that we saved these people; we didn't. It is the relationship we have begun, and the positive growth that I truly hope will follow.

Courtney has done so much to build ties, spending nearly all her time talking with Jack and the other folks in leadership positions around here. It really pains her to leave, but all of us are eager to get home. The horrible situation that's unfolded over the last few days still needs some resolution, and we miss our friends and families.

We will be heading home tomorrow, in a convoy that will bring sections of wall, some solar panels, and many other things. Jack is sending some folks with us to clear the way, and to help us stay safe. His people will be making their way back with truckloads of food. Seems like a good deal to me.

Hoping that the zombies hold off at home at least until we get there.

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