Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tower and Captive

We caught a zombie. It took forever to find one that met Evans' rather strict criteria, but we got there. It was a bit like hunting, sitting around in a blind waiting and waiting and waiting. Wish I had taken my phone with me, so I could have gotten some writing done while I was so bored.

The zombie we have penned up is an adult male, somewhere between the ages of 24-38. He is without obvious injury, and appears freshly dead. He has no odor of decomposition, which is good. It means we have a great place to start.

We want to observe him for as long as we can, seeing what changes occur physically over time. Evans plans to dissect him eventually, so that we can try to understand what is causing this to happen. One thing that I can tell you for sure; when they first come back, zombies are clumsy and stupid. The one we have is not, so we have to assume that he has been this way for a while.

Enough of my morbid interest in necroscience.

Jess is really pissed that she isn't going out into town. She has gotten so used to being free to take risks, to be right there next to everyone else while bad mojo is going down. But now all I hear about night and day is that she's stuck on light duty, watched wherever she goes. So "we" talked about it, by which I mean that she told me and I had no choice but to agree, and she is going to be doing tower duty.

The watchtower is a bit of a masterpiece, and we have my brother to thank. We managed to squeeze in enough people on it to finish it quickly, and since we harvested almost all the trees in the north half of the compound, it has a clear view down the hill, and over the wall. It sits at the highest point, right in the middle, so we keep four riflemen, one for each direction, up there at all times as lookouts.

Jess is going to be the dayshift north rifleman. Riflewoman. Person. Whatever. She's a very good shot and Patrick got her an amazing 30.06 with a ridiculous scope on it as a strange sort of baby shower gift, though we haven't had one. I worry about her being so high up, being so exposed should living enemies show up and try to snipe us out. But she isn't to be denied, and I like my bits and pieces right where they are, so I won't argue.

She's up there right now, and I can hear the occasional crack as she tests her aim from five hundred feet. Glad she's on our side, she likes one shot kills way too much for her own good.

I am off to work with Dave on some designs for additional defensive structures we want to add to the wall when we get it done. Best to plan these things out ahead of time, so that we can be ready to go as soon as possible.

Things are going well.

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