Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trade Routes

We're on the road right now, headed to Michigan. I won't be telling you where we are going specifically, for security reasons, but it is in the southern (ish) part of the state.

The people we are going to see are overseen by a sort of city council, similar to what we have here. Like us, they started with a leader, but after some bothersome events decided that major policy should be decided in a group. Just like us.

They expressed some doubts that we would be able to make it there, and when I told them about the alterations my brother has made to our bus, they plain didn't believe me. Since the last time we took it out of state, my brother Dave has made something of a project out of the thing. He's extended parts of it, added some clever slide out cots, and managed to hook a big trailer to  it. He also pulled out the engine, beefed it up, and armored the whole thing in some pretty creative ways.

It goes without saying that he added some more gas tanks.

Courtney is in charge of this trip, once we get where we are going. We are all acting on her calls, because the situation is too important and too delicate to leave up to committee. She's the boss, Tony Danza style.

I am somewhat concerned about leaving the compound with the recent flare-up in Zombie attacks, but the opportunity before us is just too good. There was a bit of an argument about my brother and I both leaving, but he has managed to teach several trustworthy people a great deal about construction, and our future projects. Enough, anyway, that with the start we have given them and the plans we have left, they can survive without us indefinitely. But it is vital to this trip that we have a group with proven nerves of steel, that has traveled into similar circumstances before.

Me, Courtney, Steve, Dave, Darlene, and Little David. Jess is staying put this time out, as I am still not keen on the idea of her risking our kid. I wanted Patrick to come, very very badly, but I trust him to watch out for Jess above anyone else outside my family. He's also a person that can talk comfortably with pretty much anyone in the compound, and everyone knows he's fair. So he will keep things calm.

Our load of plants and seeds is slowing us down, so I don't know how long this trip will take. We will definitely need to gas up for the trip back, because our giant reserve tank will just barely get us there. We're told that our hosts have a plentiful supply of fuel.

That's all for now, so far all signs are good, all roads are clear. That crew from Lexington must have drifted through here recently, and worked on the roads. Bless them.

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