Sunday, June 20, 2010


Zombies have been hitting us all day. Not a great many of them in any one spot, but sort of a low grade fever of them constantly. The bodies are starting to pile up, and none of the equipment and materials we got from Michigan are put into use yet. That means no snazzy new wall sections to help keep the undead at bay.

Evans wants to give us a detailed and full report of his findings later today, and I am super excited about it. He claims to have a good idea what causes the dead to come back to life (of a sort) and why they are so intent on eating people. While this information won't do anything to make our situation better, it might be useful if we survive long enough to have folks that can create new medicines.

I need to get out to the perimeter shortly, to take over for someone. Most of them have been on the walls for four hours, fighting constantly, and everyone needs to eat and drink. Hoping that today won't turn into another marathon. I don't think I have it in me.

I really hope that Evans has some idea why they seem to keep gathering on us and attacking, and that he has some idea of what we can do to stop it. This is getting frustrating.

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