Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Down In the Valley

Downtown is turning out to be better than we thought. The DOT building right across from the big office building I talked about before is an absolute treasure trove of supplies. I guess the poor bastards that tried to make a stand there were using all the floorspace as a storage area, because there are literally tons of food, and a lot of survival gear that we can use for ourselves or trade to folks up north.

We've got some people on top of the office building keeping a bird's eye on the zombies around us. The only real problem with this area is that it is big and open, and at the bottom of the Kentucky River valley, which means that the undead follow the path of least resistance. Which is downhill from all directions to roughly where I am standing.

Fortunately, we have a lot of practice at clearing them out.

There is a lot of room here for people to live, and of course the river provides water (we'd have to set up some sort of treatment system, but that's pretty simple on a small scale...). But there is not a lot of soil around, which means that should we end up housing a lot of people here, we would have to find a way to safely transport them to a place where they can grow their own food. It wouldn't be practical to break up all this concrete, nor to bring in enough dirt to farm on top of it. We'll discuss options when the time comes, but as far as pure living area, it's golden.

The hotel is our next stop. When I went by there it was swarming with zombies, and it will take all of the teams we have down here working all day (probably two or three) to completely sweep the place, and we'll have to do it room by room. But the advantages are many--the entrances are all small and easy to block, it will hold a LOT of people, already has beds and a huge kitchen that is designed to make meals for dozens if not hundreds...

If we end up in circumstances that force us to leave the compound, or we get a big group that wants to join us all at once, this area across the twin bridges down by the river is ideal.

Cleanup begins in five minutes. I wish Jess could be here to get excited with me about the possibilities, but no matter how angry or hurt I might be with her at the moment, her safety and that of our unborn child are so much more important.

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