Saturday, July 24, 2010

Far Too Clever

Working at a desk means that there is a lot more going on than I ever get the chance to tell you about. Mostly due to the fact that there are several hundred people here now, I pass on a lot of stuff that I have to hear about rather than experience firsthand. Such is the case today.

We sent out our trucks and buses again to pick up another round of new folks, and those smart zombies were out waiting down the road. Not close enough for anyone to see them from the compound, of course, but close enough that we could hear the brakes squeal when human instinct took over for the drivers and they tried not to run the zombies down.

That encounter wasn't all that frightening. The zombies momentarily swarmed the vehicles, and I assume that they ran away shortly thereafter because they realized that there was no way in.

So the convoy makes it to the destination, the place where all of our recent newcomers have been safely holed up. Scouts on the tops of our modified vehicles made sure that the area was clear before our crews disembarked. It was all routine, and folks were already moving toward the doors when disaster hit them.

With no warning, there were half a dozen zombies right at our vehicles. Most folks had their backs turned except for the lookouts, but they couldn't see straight down the sides of the vehicles. In short, conditions were ideal for that half-dozen to deal us a terrible blow. Each of them managed to kill one of us before the lookouts could take them down. Well, all but one was killed. The sixth zombie managed to get away, moving with the speed this new type of undead all seem to have.

The crews couldn't figure out how they were surprised, until they looked under the vehicles. Smudges and bits of seared skin made it pretty clear that they had to have distracted our drivers in order to get some stowaways lodged in the undercarriages.

This level of sophistication means we need a council meeting now.

I want to give you the names and stories of all six of our dead, give them their memorial, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. We have a serious threat that needs attention right now, and frankly it can wait until tomorrow.

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