Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Letters From Penthouse

So a word to the wise: when clearing a structure of zombies, especially when said structure is crammed with tons of rooms, do not get separated from your team. 

One of the men in my unit got too far ahead, got himself surrounded in a tight hallway. He was holding his own, clearing out the horde as it came for him, until a swarm came from a side hall. He got swamped, and all I could do was get their attention. They chased me around for a long time, and it was only because the elevator shaft was open that I survived. I guess some people pried the doors open to try and get out, because the cables have lengths of rope tied to them at intervals. 

So I climbed. I had to go up, the car was below me and covered with bodies. A glance was all I needed to know that there was no way I was getting out that way.  I climbed my way up, made it to the penthouse, which was the only open door. 

So I'm stuck up here, too afraid to open the door. I will have to wait until the others clear out the place. It could be late tomorrow before they make it up this far. Hope I find some water. 

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  1. But who was the guy that got separated in the first place? Do I care about him? Come on man you can do better.