Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today isn't the day for pretty words.

We had a very long and involved council meeting yesterday and most of last night. We finished in the wee hours of the morning, and I just woke up.

Anyone who has been reading this blog at all in the last few days can skip this paragraph. If you are a survivor who has just now discovered it, keep reading, because this short recap is important. You already know that zombies have managed to destroy society in virtually no time, but you have to know: there are zombies in Frankfort, Kentucky that have developed some limited form of intelligence. Perhaps not intelligence as you would think of it, not human smart, but they are extremely clever and capable of planning ahead.

So you know.

The meeting lasted as long as it did not because we were just struck dumb as to what to do about them. After all, we have contingency plans in place to deal with human attackers, since so many of them appear around these parts to try and take our home and resources. No, the problems we were running into were far more mundane. We had to hash out our plans, and see to all the details. Also, the meeting was a lot bigger than usual, since we included many of the new folks that have recently joined us. Evans, our doctor, went over all of his research dealing with the outbreak and its pathology. It's easy to forget that not everyone hears what we do about how zombies seem to work.

We're sending out some teams to start looking for these clever zombies, see if we can find out where they stay. The idea is to observe them, possibly capture one alive to study. That's as much detail as you need, I guess, since the rest is just logistics.

Another meeting in a few minutes to pick teams. I can promise you, I won't be one of them this go round. My wife will stab me in the face if I run off again this soon. But it is important, and I wish I could go. The scientist in me (well, the science nerd, anyway) relishes the idea of taking in so much new and interesting data first hand.

Damn, the bell is ringing. Meeting time.

Tomorrow, an appropriate tribute to our most recent fallen. I promise.

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