Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roger, Roger

I'm not stuck in the penthouse anymore, thank god. It only took the rest of the teams a few hours to fully clear the floor I escaped from, and I climbed back down. Roger, the guy who was being overwhelmed when I distracted the zombies, apparently led my team when I vanished. Patrick was with him when they cleared the floor, and he told me that Roger tore into the horde as if they'd killed his child. He wouldn't rest until he knew what had happened to me.

Roger told me that he felt terrible. He thought I was dead and felt responsible. I tried to console him, but he still feels guilty.

He's one of the transplants from up north. Roger is one of the few people with real technical expertise that decided to migrate south. He's a metallurgist, and has related sets of skills that would have made him invaluable to Jack and his folks, but he's also a family man. His wife and kids survived the fall with him, and together they all decided that plentiful food and tested defenses were more important than possible starvation and tentative safety.

We're about done with the hotel. We have one full floor left and then we hit the penthouse levels. I know the one I was in is clear, which just leaves one to check. Might make a good vacation spot for me and the wife.

Roger is sticking to me like he's fallen in love. He's jumping in front of my strikes when I go to cut down a zombie, taking all the risks for me and putting himself in danger of getting accidentally cut open by me every time he does it. It's getting a little old and a little annoying.

Lunch break is almost over, and I need to have a talk to him about this. I won't have him treating me like some child. I took the risk of distracting the zombies all on my own, and whatever sense of guilt is pushing him to get in between me and danger has got to be set right. I don't know if maybe he's religious or follows some weird eastern philosophy about owing debts or whatever, but I really don't want to gut the guy while he is trying to save my life...

On we go. Roger has a determined look on his face. God save me from his good intentions.

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