Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tired Unto Death

I am in a state of exhaustion so deep that I can't really even describe it. All of us are. Between the cleanup effort around the compound and having to constantly fend off zombies from every breach in the wall, we are all about to drop. We have been discussing just stopping for a few days now that the majority of the hard labor is done, and posting guards only. No wall construction, no work on projects. Just short shifts on guard duty and then rest for twelve or so hours.

We really need it. We are still able to defend ourselves if we need to, but our minds and bodies need rest to get anywhere close to 100%. We are all getting loopy due to insufficient sleep, except for my wife and the other two women here that are pregnant. They are all exempt from heavy labor, of course, and the three of them are currently trading off rifleman duty.

We got the last of our dead ready for burial a few hours ago. It took so long to get the last of the children's remains from beneath that house, but none of us wanted to stop until we had. If ever there were a scene that gave us the resolve to fight on, to defend our home from anyone or anything, it was watching those tiny figures as they were hauled up from the depths, so frail and helpless beneath the shrouds on them.

But nothing can put off mother nature forever. We expect some of Jack's people in a few hours, and they have generously offered to keep watch for us. So most of the compound will be able to sleep for more than an hour for the first time in days. Perhaps with rest and dreams to purge our thoughts, tomorrow will be a better day.

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