Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Waters

The storms have let up over the last few hours. We've had to curtail almost all of our activities to keep up with the insane flood waters. We decided to be as proactive as we could, but we didn't have a firm grasp of just how much water we were dealing with.

Since we clearcut all of the trees inside the compound, we weren't worried overmuch about wind or lightning. But the creek just kept getting bigger and bigger, which at first wasn't all that threatening. I mean, the folks that designed this neighborhood may not have had zombies in mind, but they certainly knew their business with drainage. But time makes fools of us all, and over the years and constant floods around here, the banks became more precarious and fragile. Our concern was for big sections of bank getting sheared away by the water and being swept down to the small bridge on the west side of the compound, and taking it out.

So we were trying to keep that from happening, and as we worked and struggled, Roger came pelting up to us and made a very good point. That much rain had a very good chance of washing out our food gardens, and pretty much every spare foot of land not set aside for something has food on it.

It was a long, wet, and tiring day. We ran around here for almost eighteen hours, trying to secure supplies, keep the banks stable, and cover our gardens. We did lose some gardens, and the bridge took enough damage that for now it is only a foot bridge, but nothing too disastrous. It's just lucky that we didn't get any tornadoes, though some insanely high winds did do a lot more damage than we would have thought possible, lacking trees as we are.

So we are hoping this break in the weather will be long enough to go out and get another load of folks brought in from out of town. We're about halfway done, and I know that they all want to get here as soon as possible. The severe winds and floodwaters on the road seem to have temporarily driven off the zombies. Which makes going out that much easier.

Anyone out there get slammed with storms as well? If you did, I hope that you managed to get through it safely. It'd be one hell of a joke if nature managed to do to us what a plague of zombies and merciless killers haven't.

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