Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Balancing Priorities

Lieutenant Price is still convalescing, and he will be for quite a while. He hasn't expressed any desire to leave, no urge to go back to his people. The soldiers at Richmond have no way to communicate with the rest of the world, no permanent electricity or landlines. I can see that, as we ourselves would be cut off without the foresight of the county government. They required that all cell towers raised in our county have sufficient solar collection and storage capacity to manage emergency communications. 

What that boils down to is that we have WAY more capacity than we currently need. Guess we're lucky that this is the capital and an example had to be set. 

So even if he wanted to talk to his base, he can't. Too bad this isn't a terrible Kevin Costner movie where the post office has one lone survivor determined to carry the mail. That would at least give some folks an avenue. 

And we certainly have zero desire to walk into Richmond without talking to the people that live there first. No surprises, no ambushes, no risk. If they want to come here and look for their men and chopper, they will be welcomed. 

And of course, we are still planning on going out to find medical supplies. We've narrowed the field of prospective places to raid down to several locations in a rough corridor that we hope to hit in a period of a few days. Sorry, not going to share any details on where, but we are planning to go out the day after tomorrow. It will be a small team, six of us. Three in each vehicle, two very well modified Cherokees. If the modifications hold up, we will be able to go offroad very easily, no need to move cars. 

Extra gas tanks added on to them, full length skid plates on the bottom, and my brother has added small trailers to them, welded to the hitch so we can't lose them if and when we offroad. He also added some bins to the tops of them to bring extra supplies in. We are going to pack anything and everything we can. I just hope we will have enough room. I would like to take something bigger, with more storage room, but we have to be able to move quickly. 

If it comes down to it, we might grab some other vehicles from one of our destinations. Or at least hide extra supplies in case we want to come back and get them later. It's exciting and scary to think that I will be going away from home again, but I am looking forward to it. 

So you probably see why the Lieutenant himself doesn't really worry me right now. Bigger concerns, bigger fish to fry. 

Have to finish up some inventories and a few project analyses before I stop for the day. Don't want to leave anything for my poor brother to do while I am gone. 

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  1. Well I hope you can contact these military personal and maybe woke something maybe combined community they would be a great asset for your community security so that the civilians can focus of farming and other work. I've been in the army for five years as an infantry man I wish I could join your community I'm just way to far to get there and it's pretty bad here on the west coast. Wish me luck as I will do the same to your scouting parties hope you guys find the supplies that you need.