Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming Up Short

The only kind of infection I worry about is from zombie bites. I have never been particularly fussed about putting neosporin on my cuts, or putting a band-aid over every little scratch. Call me wonky since I was raised by a nurse or two, but it just never bothered me, and I have never gotten an infected cut.

But today, my feelings are slowly shifting. Funny, since now each tube of antibiotic ointment is part of a limited supply. We finished the wall about twenty minutes ago, and I helped hoist the last section of wall up. It slipped a little, and I helped catch it, giving myself a handful of splinters. Jess is picking them out of my left while I type this with my right, and it's slow going.

Once again, a small accident has given me food for thought about our long term situation. A dozen splinters isn't really a big deal, but until and unless we can make our own medicines and medical supplies, we are running on a dwindling supply. Enough people received small injuries in the last few days to make Evans (our doctor) and Gabrielle (our head nurse/wound specialist/general badass) call the council together to discuss the matter. It's hardly surprising that the composite monstrosity that is our wall has been the source of injuries. We used everything and anything we could to get it built. It's an uneven beast at least ten feet high but up to twenty in some areas, made of everything; aluminum, steel, brick, cinder block, tree trunks, finished lumber, old wooden doors, desks, get the idea. Try working with any or all of that and not get hurt. I dare you.

But it does bring up the need to bolster our medical supplies. Between the constant fighting and the hard labor we are burning through them at an alarming rate. We have some guides on how to make our own gauze and a few other similar items, but it won't be enough. We've cleaned out everywhere in town, doctors offices and the hospital, not that there was that much left in most places by the time we got to most of them. Don't get me wrong, we aren't in an emergency with supplies yet. But we will be desperate for them not too far down the road if we keep using them anywhere close to the rate we are now.

So it's looking like a trip to scout for medical supplies. Others are planning it, a small group will go looking. I intend to volunteer, since I am pretty versed in what things are, what they are used for, and I'm good in a fight. Gabby will probably go as well, and that worries me. She's incredibly valuable to the community, not to mention her own family. We never want to risk people who have specializations, but sometimes circumstances demand.

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