Monday, August 23, 2010

Dim Prospects

We are getting ready to head out for the day. We had to camp out last night after a long and tiring day. The place we searched yesterday was a total bust, cleaned out from top to bottom. The only thing left was large equipment, nothing that we could take with us.

Looking the place over top to bottom was incredibly time consuming, and then we hit a trap on the way out. Our lead vehicle, one of the cherokees, hit some cleverly hidden spike strips and had all four of its tires shredded. So pretty much the rest of yesterday afternoon was spent wandering around in search of replacements.

We had no cell service at all, and we decided after we got the jeep up and moving that we would camp somewhere that did. All of us are tense from being away from the compound, and not having a line of communication only makes that worse. Of course, about all we had time for once we did find a spot to hunker down was to call and check in, make sure that everything was going alright, but it did make all of us feel a little better.

We have two more places on our list to check. I thought this trip would be going faster, but experience has shown me that my expectations and reality almost never coincide. So I am guessing it will be Wednesday at the earliest before we can get home, giving us a full day at each of our last two targets. We are missing several critical items on our shopping list, and my fear is that the next one will be as empty as the last.

There aren't a lot of zombies around here, and that worries me. If there is a large group somewhere near that is keeping their numbers down and using the local healthcare places for supplies, then we might have a problem.

Jess told me last night that Lt. Price is doing well and apparently trying not to rock the boat, being a good boy and doing as his doctor tells him. He isn't asking too many awkward questions, but seems to be interested in getting to know the folks around the compound. She says that he likes to sit out on the porch of the clinic and talk to folks when they walk by. Maybe he's just lonely and wants to make some friends. Jess has been going by the clinic a lot to keep an eye on him for me. It actually works out well, since he finds her attractive and lowers his guard around her.

Hey, her idea, not mine!

I'm just glad he has no way to read this. If he proves to be trustworthy, I will apologize to him as much as needed. Though, if he turns out to be one of us, a real survivor and worthy of living at the compound permanently, he won't need or want an apology. He will understand why we are so cautious and have no hard feelings.

Up and out, time to go. Hopefully we will have some type of signal later, and you will hear from me if we do. Everyone at home--we miss you.

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