Friday, August 6, 2010

Just like "The Wrath of Khan" but with zombies

I just want to go home.

Yesterday, after we had the big fight with the smarties, we began to pack up. It was our intent to come home this morning. We started to, in small groups with heavy guard. Jess and I were in the sixth group to go out. It turns out that the smarties are a hell of a lot smarter than we thought. 

We were so sure that we had scared off what remained of them by killing so many in such an overwhelming display of force. We were so certain of it that we failed to accept the possibility that their tactics could adapt quickly. So while we were on the way home, our group got hit. 

We were in a truck, a big super cab Ford packed with people. I was in the back with three other guys to act as lookouts and guards, and out of the tall grass (pretty much all grass is, now) a pack of twenty or so of them rose up and swarmed us. We were just passing the intersection where a big set of apartment complexes looks out over the river valley. I've been there a few times, one of my friends used to live there. 

That's where I ran to when I fell out of the truck. I hit my left elbow on the pavement, tore it open pretty badly. The blood and the fact that I was easy prey made all of them focus on me. The truck took off as soon as it saw an opening in which it could speed up. Don't get mad that I was left behind--it is our standing order that groups must leave a person behind when confronted by overwhelming numbers. I can only imagine that my wife was screaming for them to stop, but I am glad they didn't. I can't imagine what I would do if she or the baby she's carrying were killed. 

Besides, I'm pretty sure they could see me run like hell. They wasn't much chance of me getting snagged up by the truck since the horde was so close on my heels. I booked it to (crestview? I can't remember for sure what the place is called...) and tried to lose them between the buildings. There are some houses over there as well, and how lucky am I that a few zombies were already roaming around? 

I went the only direction I was sure they couldn't follow quickly. I made for the edge of the giant fucking cliff the whole place sits on. I vaguely remembered looking up from the river valley and seeing the place, noting that at the extreme edges of the neighborhood, the cliff softened slightly into hills. I made my way there as fast as my feet could take me. 

I didn't dare try to pull my pistol out and try to fire. I had lost my rifle when I fell out of the truck, and a knife wasn't going to do much good with no armor. 

It was nerve wracking to say the least, and the hunger of the clever zombies chasing me actually worked to my benefit. Several of them moved too fast chasing me down the incredibly steep terrain, and fell a few hundred feet. The rest were more careful and slow, allowing me to keep some space between us. 

When I made it to the bottom, I ran. I wasn't all that far from the fall back position we had just vacated, but there were some stragglers on the road I ended up on, so I went the other way. Unfortunately, the other way was into the closed off area of south Frankfort, and we had blasted out the bridges. There were undead on Louisville hill, so getting home that way was a no-go. 

I am in south Frankfort now, and it sucks. 

I am only a few miles from home, but until a big enough group can get down here and clear out the zombies that are beating on the walls of this place, I'm stuck. I know I am somewhere on the far side of capital ave. but not at all sure what street or block. All I know is I am stuck in a house with boarded up windows that I managed to get into as the zombies were chasing me, mainly because it looked like the best chance I had to survive long enough for rescue. 

I have already talked with people at the compound. They will be sending some people this way as soon as the move back home is done. Hopefully it won't take more than a day or two, because I skipped breakfast. But I understand the rationale perfectly, and I agree with it. 

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or, in my case, the one. 

Wow. This is making me want to watch the 'Star Trek' movies. 

Gonna try and nap now. Might lock myself in the basement or a room without windows. Those planks are rattling mighty hard...

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