Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Matter of Intent

We are stopped for lunch, which normally we are reluctant to do. We prefer to eat on the road, but this rest area has a cell signal and I wanted to update. Besides, we made pretty good time yesterday, only having to stop and clear areas to drive through a few times. You would think that we could get anywhere pretty quickly in our own state, but we are going through areas that have been untouched since the plague started.

Which means that there are zombies all over the place, and we have to be careful not to bash into them very quickly. An adult human weighs a lot, and enough of them over time will do a lot of damage to even an armored vehicle over time. So it goes slowly.

We did manage to get to our first location today. It had already been ransacked but there was still some good stuff there. Whoever hit it didn't have much knowledge, only taking obvious things like tape and gauze, needles and medicines. They left a good load of supplies for making casts, surgical equipment, and various other things. Got to love urgent treatment centers.

Weirdly there were about a dozen cases of ensure. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a brand name for a calorie dense drink intended to help the person drinking it gain weight. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, and make for excellent survival food. They taste like shit.

I kind of like the strawberry ones.

I want to get as many of them as possible, as well as tube feeding supplies--they are like giant ensures, and more bang for the buck.

Most of what we got from the urgent treatment center was hardware. Not much medicine left or soft supplies like bandages, but all in all it was a pretty successful haul.

Jess sent me some texts at some point last night telling me that Lieutenant Price was asking where we were going, wondering what happened to Gabby and the rest of us. No one told him anything of substance, of course, and he didn't press the issue. From what I could gather from her texts, he is growing impatient with sitting around and wants to become a part of the community, work on the wall, provide some use to the compound to make up for the food and supplies he is using up at the moment.

I wish I could be there to ask him questions. I wonder if my friends will try and discern if this is a genuine desire on his part or some act put on for his own purposes. Did anyone ask him if he wanted to simply work off his debt and go home to Richmond, or is he choosing us over them? So many things I want to ask so that I might read his expressions and mannerisms, but it will have to wait. Until I get back home, I will do my best to put Will Price out of my brain. Plenty of time to worry about him later.

Back on the road here in a minute. Going to head toward one of our larger targets, and hoping for some nice surprises. Maybe it will be untouched. Luck has been with us so far, maybe it will bless us a bit further...

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