Thursday, August 12, 2010

Practical Considerations

I think I have to drop what I think is this blog's first lol. It's a nervous and funny sort of laugh but also one that comes from a place of intense relief. Outside there are many angry and hungry zombies beating on the walls. Our unbroken, guarded walls.

It's one hell of a feeling.

As a whole we're still licking our wounds from the beating we've taken retreating, fighting, and coming back. Most folks seem in relatively good cheer despite the hardships, and I think that speaks volumes about the resiliency of everyone who has survived up to this point. Those who can adapt and survive under the intense emotional strain will do so. Anyone who can't will go crazy and die.

It is almost certain the the smart zombies (smarties) will continue to be a problem in the future. The very idea that they can infect and alter other zombies, even a small percentage, to be like them means that they are very much a long term threat. We have to assume that as other groups become more desperate for security and supplies, we will be attacked. The threats we face are many, but we are prepared.

Fields have been sown, animals tended. Basic necessities are being made by hand. We are forging tools and weapons, getting better at hiding what farmlands we use outside our walls.

It all comes back again to one of the most important things we simply must have: medicine and medical supplies. Ideas are being thrown around, places to check out being discussed. Vehicles are being looked at and tuned up for possible use. The last major items we need in case of a long, drawn out imprisonment in our own town are out there somewhere. We need them, of only for insurance that should we have to dig in here and face the possibility of not being able to leave, we will be able to keep our people alive.

There are the usual dramas going on around here. People questioning authority, talking of major votes to change the way we operate. Those of us that decide how things are done are the ones making the practical choices to safeguard the future of all.

I hope that is remembered.

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