Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sights to See

Lieutenant Price has been getting a tour of the compound this morning via wheelchair. He woke up early and told Gabby that he needed to get out and about, that he was feeling suffocated. None of us could see a reason why not. After all, we aren't letting him check out the armory or anything of strategic importance, and it isn't as though a stranger with an armed escort will be conducive to citizens spilling secrets.

I was walking with him as he rolled around for a few minutes. I am getting a better read on him as time goes by, catching more of the subtle tells that make a picture in my mind of who he really is. I saw the smile and approving nod when he saw our main watchtower and the others we have started. He tensed up some when he heard the shriek of some kids playing, and melted when he realized what the sound was. His eyes glistened as he watched them kick a soccer ball around. I think that struck a chord in him that nothing else could have. These are probably the first children he has seen since the world fell apart.

I couldn't stick around, though. Too much to do before we head out tomorrow, and though we have had plenty of time to prepare, the team is double and triple checking everything. Every time a bunch of us go out into the world and come back alive, the odds against us surviving another trip outside rise. Consequently, all of us are being super cautious about our preparations. David has been testing the modifications he has made to the vehicles, making sure they will hold up.

Oh, that's another change. Instead of two groups of three in two vehicles, we are going in three groups of two. The two SUV's will sort of be the escort vehicles, and the third vehicle will be a very nice F-250 someone found a few weeks ago. It was already about as modified as it needed to be, just requiring a few alterations for our specific needs. It was decided that the extra space would be worth the risk of splitting us up further. I think so. This configuration gives us great defensive capabilities, as well as the ability to risk less if one of us needs to scout ahead.

Jess is not thrilled with the idea of us going out without her, but she understands the necessity of it. Gabby and Roger will be in one vehicle, Patrick and I in another, and Little David will be travelling with Darlene, his (girlfriend? Wife? whatever you want to call it) who has been learning medicine from Gabby and Evans for the last month or so. She has gotten a crash course over the last week about medical supplies and technology, and has a great idea what to look for.

Each pair has one of us (folks who have a decent medical knowledge) with a partner. The redundancy of it is beautiful: even if two groups get killed, one will be left to look for supplies. Not that we intend on dying, far from it.

Lots of stuff to check on, and I want to spend as much time with my wife as I can before I go.

We'll be geared up with all the weapons we could need and more, armored protected as well as possible. We've a lot of practice at planning for insanity and unexpected situations. The chances are good that we will survive our trip and make it back whole.

Still, though, if you are the praying type, we won't turn them down. Any positive mojo will be greatly appreciated.

A little more work to do, and one last check of my gear. Then the rest of the day with Jess. Can't think of a better way to spend it.

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