Saturday, August 7, 2010

Under the Radar

Phone is almost dead. Still stuck in the basement of this damn house. I am really lucky that there aren't any windows, because the zombies would have gotten me in no time. But now I am well and truly stuck, for about the last twelve hours. I came down here yesterday to sleep, and right after I woke up they started to really try to come in here and get me.

I came beck into the basement because the zombies managed to bash in  some of the windows, plywood over them and all. I have reinforced the door that comes down here, but the house above me is packed. The folks back home told me that were sending a rescue party out, but now I am worried that they won't be able to find the place. I mean, the zombie horde outside was sort of a dead giveaway that a living person was in here.

Now, though, they are in the house. I don't know if enough of them are outside to make the place stand out. If not, I am in for a long and hungry wait, as they do a house to house search.

Ok, less than twenty percent power now. Going to wrap this up and save the rest of my battery for calls if I need them.

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  1. I had an idea that can help out your operation if you get a small team together. Well after you been saved. There's fort Campbell Kentucky has a large amount of black hawk helicopters and tons of supplies ie food and ammo. Just have to find someone in the group who knows how to fly. At the point transportation would be safer by air since the smarties can't fly.