Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Call to Arms

I try to keep this blog personal, as close to a chronicle of our struggle--the victories as well as the failures--as I can make it. But today, I am going to ask every one of you out there for something, and I hope you will help.

Yesterday's events have made a big impact on me. To know that there are probably a lot more people out there than we have any way to count is both uplifting and frightening. Patrick and the group of volunteers are still weathering the storm of zombies at the factory they are staying in, loading component after component into trucks that we might use them here to generate electricity. Are there people near him?

Courtney, Steve, Will and dozens of others are now in Jack's compound in Michigan, leading kill teams to hunt down and eliminate the spreading plague of smart zombies, trying to slow the conversion rates and give Jack and his folks time to build more and better fortifications. Who knows if there are watchers camping out in safety, keeping an eye to help or hurt?

There is the walled neighborhood in Carterville, Illinois that took shots at Steve and I a few months back, with which we have been totally unable to communicate. Who knows if there are survivors out there that know a way to contact them that we have been unable to discover.

When I mentioned Patrick Rothfuss on my blog in a moment of reflection, I had no idea that it would bring a flood of people here for the first time, nor reveal that Mr. Rothfuss is indeed alive and safe.

All too often lately, I have ignored the obvious. I have made it a point not to ask anyone that reads this to put out the word, because I know how dangerous it would be for some of them to go out and try to get in touch with people, or that those who can access computers may not know how to reach others that are still alive.

But today, faced with friends far from home and in dangers we can't even imagine, that changes. If we are going to survive as a species, we need to unite and become aware of each other as far and wide as possible.

I ask you to help me. To help us, all of us, everywhere. To give aid to each and every survivor that still lives.

I want to make October the month that we contact more survivors than ever. So I beg you, share this blog with others. Post links on any website you can find that is still functional. Tell people, show people. Beg them to share it, to spread the word. It is my hope that on this blog we can begin to open the lines of communication between all survivors, to build a future of real hope based on the desire for mutual survival and improvement for all. But it's up to every one of you to help.

I have done what I can, from here. The only way to reach as many people as possible is for every reader to help with the cause. Let's make the next month one for history: the month when mankind shook off the oppression of the zombie plague to bring its brother and sister survivors together as one large community.

With your help, we can do it.


  1. Glad to hear it, now SHARESHARESHARE!

  2. Brian chan here with six friends alive and well in las Vegas, nv. need to move on soon west or east not sure yet. Clean water been harder to find due to the heat this summer, avoid Vegas if you can. If you cant avoid vegas nellis afb has a large cashe of MRE's. Will pass on the call to arms.

  3. Brian, I would strongly suggest, if you are that far west already, to head toward Google HQ at Mountain View, California. There are a lot of people there, and they have the best facilities we've found yet. Word is they have some of their folks out fishing almost every day, so fresh food...

  4. Were planning the trip to google hq now. Right now we found a blackhawk and a chanook just trying to see if we can figure out how fly it. If not plan b is to grab the hummers on base and load them up with fuel and off road it to Cali sence the interstate 15 is blocked off with way too many cars. Josh do you know what supplies google can use? Right now were packed full of mre's and water, 5.56/7.62 ammo a few m4's and m14's, 3 m2 50 cals, and a 240b.

  5. I don't think they really need much, since they have been operating for quite while and have gathered what they need...but I suggest getting in touch with them yourselves. Showing up unannounced heavily armed might not work out very well...