Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today has been crazy, and I wasn't going to post anything...but a few comments on my last post caught my attention.

RichLayers said...

Ummm, I hate to be a naysayer... but are you sure... do your zombies ever go after animals? Because, I mean, you're setting yourself up for a whole new meaning of Mad Cow Disease.

I don't know what the zombies around your neck of the woods act like, but here, they rarely attack animals. I mentioned this in a response comment, but it does bring up an interesting point. Our zombies attack small animals if they get desperate for sustenance, and it's becoming more common. There are just less people for them to eat, though they do seem able to survive on for a very long time on almost nothing. I chalk it up to the controlling organisms in their bodies being very efficient and being able to store up a lot of excess inside. Also, autopsy by Evans has shown that zombies will cannibalize their own unneeded tissues for energy--such as intestines and the like. Since the fungus or bacteria that control the dead bodies of the zombies leaches nutrients from the stomach direct (which seems to grow to meed the size needs of that particular undead) those organs are so much food, saved to be used at need.

I should also note here that the zombies seem to harbor no aggression toward animals. I don't know if this is some holdover from when those brains were alive and human, but in general they ignore or avoid any life but human. Of course, that means we get ALL the aggression (which is why this post is hastily written, and wasn't going to be written at all initially--several attacks on the annexes today, groups of five or six, and I have been helping out over there...). 

The other comment was this:

Drackar said...

And here I thought this was a lead-up to eating the dogs.

Sheep are a good food supply, and easy enough to keep fed. Goats are a better option, grazing wise, as they can eat more feed, but they don't provide the wool...and the milk is not very tasty if they eat anything but grass and grain.

Perfectly reasonable, Drackar. Indeed, I think it's a great idea. Unfortunately, we have no idea where any goats might be, while we do in fact KNOW where some sheep are. 

Which is another part of why I have decided to post today. Our party found those sheep farms earlier today, and were able to contact us not long ago. And guess what? Those farmers are still there! They have agreed to travel here, herding their flocks (as long as we provide some guards, of course. We're happy to.) all the way to Frankfort. It will take a bit of time, but FINALLY, something has worked out easily and without complication. 

And no shots fired. Always a plus. 

With the recent spurts of zombie attacks due to so many of our folks being outside of the walls working, Trying to organize about a billion details, making decisions in the council, worrying about a new leader (and worrying about everyone else, come to that...), I find myself feeling remarkably normal. It's not that I don't feel pain at the loss Jess and I share, simply that I find that one of my mother's sayings turns out to be true: the only way to deal with tragedy is to go on, to live and work. To not let it dominate and control your life. 

She was a brilliant and wise woman, but in all honesty, I am glad that she didn't live to share this particular pain. I hope that whatever heaven she may be in, she is smiling that I learned at least one lesson from her. 

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