Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not too Hot

Still really sick. Enough that I couldn't even get up when a bunch of smarties broke through a soft section of the south wall.

It wasn't too bad, from what I have been told. Maybe ten of the smart zombies got through. They found a way to get the regular zombies with them to pile all their weight against a section of wall that is mostly thin plywood. Lucky for us, we anticipated that weak spot getting hit at some point, and always have extra guards posted. The smarties made it about forty feet before they were cut down, but the alarm was sounded the second they penetrated our defenses.

I just reread that. I should be more specific. Will Price was the one to suggest we post extra guards at the weak spot. The rest of us figured that the usual patrols would suffice at first, though he convinced us otherwise. In our defense, the south is the area we are hit from least, since it's mostly woods. We have lumbered it out to a distance of about fifty feet, but it's very hard for zombies to navigate through it so most of us don't worry about large attacks from them there.

Of course, that is where the attacker came from, the one who shot Jess. So yeah, we are inclined to listen.

Evans thinks I will be feeling better tomorrow. My fever broke today, but the vomiting and...other symptoms are taking their toll on me. I am drinking a lot of water, but our supplies are getting thin. We haven't had a decent rain in a long time, and our reserves are almost gone. We still have the creek, of course (we dammed it up a while back to build a small reservoir, but it takes time to haul and filter it)  but I hate having to ask others to go get it for me. For us, since Jess is still injured.

I need to eat some lunch, and I hope I can hold it down. Will is still taking care of us, though he's making a point not to hover over us. Roger is giving him a hand today as well, I think the two of them are in my kitchen playing poker at the moment...


  1. Those..other symptoms, are a real pain in the but when you need to be mobile.

  2. Zing!

    Yes, they are. And we have to make our own toilet paper...