Friday, September 24, 2010

Over the Hump

Jess is up and about, if a little slowly, and she's lording that fact over me. I'm still pretty sick, but not nearly so bad as the last few days. 

It's sort of disconcerting that being sick has cut me off from so much of what goes on around the compound. Zombies have been attacking regularly in the last few days, but not in big numbers. It's still unseasonably hot, and the theory is that they are surging before the cold comes in. 

I really hope that cold weather brings us some relief from the attacks. Work on the annexes can continue for a long time in cold weather, but without the constant assaults on our workers, it will go much faster and allow the folks from downtown to be close to the compound, and to pool our resources. 

Of course, as the weather gets worse, the less big projects we will be handling. This is going to give my brother and I a lot more free time for other interests as the need for us to plan them lessens. I want to pick up a few trades, learn some more skills, and work on writing things other than this blog. 

I had nearly completed the last edit on my first fantasy novel before the fall of society. It's still sitting there on my hard drive, waiting to be tweaked and finished. It's been all I can do to write this blog with all we have been doing to survive and thrive, and I think it will be nice to work on something else as well. Should be a short project, since I had been working on it for a year before then...

One way of another, I will be up and about tomorrow. The only way I won't is if I am dead. I can't stand another day of laying here being ill, and there are things I need to look into, supplies to be gathered and cataloged before the truly cold weather gets here. 

Damn it, I want to feel better. 

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  1. You never know when you might be able to publish that never know what sort of civilization has survived somewhere outside of your range.

    Get well soon.