Monday, September 20, 2010

Shades of Gray

Things have quieted down for the most part around here in the last day. The zombie attacks on our workers have slowed down dramatically with the first truly cold mornings of the year. It also helps that Jeff Thomas, the guy who figured out how to modify some electric motors (taken from some hybrid cars) to run milling equipment finished his work. We can now crank out enough lumber to keep up with the needs of the hoard of people working on the annexes. 

Our detachment of additional guards has reached the people we sent to look for the farmers willing to drive their sheep here. It's looking good weather wise for their trip here. Helps that those farmers have about thirty large dogs with them to harry the zombies they will certainly run into and to herd the sheep. Keep your fingers crossed. 

I guess the only big news around here today is that Will Price took his first unaided steps today. His arm is still a few weeks from freedom, but today he walked. He only made it about five feet before he needed a crutch, but it's pretty great progress. Evans thinks that he will be totally mobile in a few weeks, though he will have to rebuild the strength in his limbs. He's pretty excited to start pulling his weight, and is frantically trying to learn just about everything around here. With Patrick gone (still no word...) he is spending about an hour a day with Roger learning metallurgy and smithing. He's still doing two hours of classes with Evans on medicine. He is acting as the council's consultant on defense, which is at least three hours at a stretch several times a week. He spends a lot of time with Aaron, taking classes and acting as a teacher's assistant when called for. He does many other things, and watching him soak it all up is pretty impressive. To have had such a burning urge to learn all this time, and to hold it in check says volumes about his willpower. 

Speaking of Aaron, he has opened up a little. That's a relative statement, mind you, because he is still pretty reclusive when not teaching, but at least now he leaves his quarters for walks occasionally, and once in a while stops to talk to people. I think part of what has been helping him is that I put him in touch with my sister, who was our primary teacher here before she left for the safer realms up north. Aaron and Jackie communicate every day, and conversing with someone who shares his passion has given him some stability. It has also helped him become more creative in his lessons, but that is going to be tomorrow's post. It's interesting, and I want to do it justice. 

I hate to leave on a down note, but we have gotten some disturbing reports from those we send out in our ever-expanding sphere of exploration for materials and supplies. Signs show that there might be (or have been) a lot more survivors than we previously thought. Evidence leads us to believe that pockets of survivors have been hiding and then worn down over time by constantly roaming hordes of zombies. Fresh blood and bodies, abandoned supplies, cars still first we thought that these were isolated incidents, but a pattern is emerging. It seems to me that finding other living humans has to be made high on our priority list if we are going to keep the human race going. It also explains why so many of the undead are still walking around instead of starving. We know that they can go for a very long time with nothing, and truly we have no proof that they actually need to eat...god, I hope they do. Because if not, then that means that their numbers can only be reduced by us killing them...