Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some like it hot

Holy shit, what a night.

It got unseasonably hot yesterday, over ninety degrees, and the sudden shift toward warm weather seemed to jump-start our local undead.

The bad part is that it stayed warm all night, and the zombies kept on coming until about two hours ago. It was a steady stream from multiple directions, and enough of them got cut down at the northern section of the wall that the most recent arrivals could just about walk up their bodies to the top of the wall.

I would say that we took down somewhere around a thousand of them over the night, and that says great things about the wall. The higher areas of it kept the undead that attacked them from being any kind of threat, funneling them to shorter areas of the wall where kill teams could be concentrated.

Will was helping with the attack, standing on a crutch while loosing arrows. He managed to get my attention at one point during a lull in the fighting, asking about the modifications to the wall he had previously suggested.

With so much going on, it's been all we could do to build a few of those mods, and there is no way we could do the whole length while still trying to annex the other neighborhoods. But he gave me a very detailed explanation of how the extensions would make defense much easier, and I have to agree. Maybe we can get a small team of maybe six people working on them, slow and steady...

We spent the last two hours hauling bodies and burning them. I don't know what it is about the infection that controls the zombies that makes them burn so easily, but I am glad for it. At least we don't have to waste fuel getting them going.

Heeeey....maybe we can use zombies to power a turbine...

Ok, I have been awake for entirely too long. Going to bed now, and hoping that the folks on watch today while the rest of us get some needed rest don't have a hard time of it.

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  1. Maybe you could put a Zombie on a Treadmill, like a dog turning a spit?

    It makes me wonder how long they can live without food. Seriously, how long can these giant herds survive without food? Are they eating one another? Will they strip the land like Amazon Army Ants, leaving a strip of denuded land behind?