Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All God's Creatures

I expected a large zombie attack here today, and so far have been pleasantly surprised that nothing has come. On the other hand, all of us were shocked to hear the reports from our scout teams this morning about what they found during their morning rounds.

The stripped remains of lots and lots of animals. Piles of rabbit, deer, groundhog...you name it, and they seem to have found them. Several heavily wooded areas around town have been discovered with these grisly collections, and if the zombies are eating animals, something they have been reluctant to do until very recently, then it means they must be getting desperate for food. We don't know if that means they are stuffing themselves to try and survive the coming winter as they slow down and hibernate, or if they are trying to top out their energy for one last huge push at us and our defenses.

So far there aren't any reports from any of our allies about similar finds, but that may not mean anything. Most of them can't or won't send out scout teams like we do. The only other group that does so right now is Jack's compound, and they only patrol on the roads twice a day under normal (as in, not under constant attack) circumstances. When there isn't a horde of pissed off undead on their doorstep.

Of course, right now they are patrolling everywhere they can reach in a vehicle. Moving along at a good clip in a vehicle on some nice open road looking to see if there are large numbers of zombies doesn't really do much good when you know for sure that they are out there, and attacking you. So our volunteers, among others, are travelling around all the areas near Jack's that they can reach, trying to find scattered groups and taking them out when possible.

It isn't going too well up there right now. No huge attacks since the nearly disastrous one last week, but the last day or so has had that constant grind of bodies coming for the walls that seems to be something of a trademark for zombies. Frustratingly, the smarties seem to be herding the majority of them toward the gates in and out of Jack's compound, which means that more defenders have to cluster together to take them out. The scouts have to leave and return whenever there is a break in the crowd, which has led to logistical problems.

Once so far today, they actually had to open the gates to clear out the last few zombies in the last wave to hit them, which scared the hell out of a lot of people. I fear to think about what could happen if enough of them at once tried this tactic. Our people and Jack's are all very good, but given how tired and hurt so many of the defenders are, a thrust with even a quarter of the numbers they saw last week could be enough to break through.

So again, I ask anyone out there who can send help to do so. If you can't, then please share links to this page, or to this blog in general. There have been several posts recently that detail just how dire the situation has been, and may again become soon. Every place you post links is a chance that someone may help, and thereby save lives.

It's my hope that the cold weather snaps back soon. It's still far too warm here and in Michigan for my comfort. The sooner the temperatures drop, the better for all of us. Frozen, hibernating zombies are no threat to anyone, and easy pickings for kill teams. If we are lucky enough to survive through the winter, by spring we might have killed most of them in their immobile states.

And then? Zombie barbecue.

Kidding. I swear.


  1. It could also be that they are trying to reduce your food supplies...starve you out.

  2. Let's only hope that they aren't Drackar. If the smarties are indeed that intelligent then we all should be a lot more worried than we already are.