Monday, October 25, 2010

At the Island of Trees

We've just finished setting up base camp. We're some distance away from Rachel and her people, and today we will begin the process of trying to map out the location(s) of the marauders around here. If we can case them properly, we'll have a good chance of getting Rachel's group out of here safely.

We're in a copse of old trees in the middle of a giant corn field, giving us a level view around us. We decided that visibility was key since the warm weather the last few days means that there is a higher chance of zombie attack. I talked to Courtney a while ago, and the nights at the compound have been increasingly warm since we left. Our scout teams have been working overtime to break up the gathering swarms of zombies before they can begin to beat at our walls.

It's weird how when I was stuck at home, I felt guilty at letting others go out and do the fighting. Now that I'm out and about a few states away, I feel guilty for not being there, as if I have abandoned them. I mean, between Patrick and his volunteers leaving out this morning for another run to the factory, us out here trying to bring in Rachel's group, trade resuming with Jack's compound up north, and the continued scout missions we send looking farther and deeper for supplies, it seems like the compound is empty.

It's not, of course. We keep track of duty rosters and numbers on the wall, never sending out more people than we can spare. It's just an irrational feeling. I know that. Our defenses and weapons improve all the time, cannibalized from those who have attacked us. We have some surprises in store for anyone who dreams about conquest, I guarantee that.

Will is doing his part in that area. He assured me before I left that he would be working hard to build up our defenses. He knows a lot about military equipment, and our easy access to the national guard base across the road means that if we can move it and set it all up, we'll be ready for just about anything.

Enough worrying about home. We have a job to do here, and Jess and I need to head toward Rachel's location. We have to start the work of coordinating a retreat from this place, designing a plan based on any and all of the info our lookouts gather over the next few days. If the marauders are working their way in a given direction, we need to know about it.

I intend to get everyone out of here safely and efficiently. Can't think beyond that right now.

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