Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Pat and the people the people that left with him to raid the factory have returned. They have brought a lot of equipment and parts with them, enough that we can start work on some new wind turbines to supplement the power we have now. The big stuff will have to wait until we have everything we need to construct a small power plant. If I seem to rush through this amazing and awesome news, I apologize. 

It's because of some bad news, vitally important. 

Most of us sort of thought that there had to be a lot more zombies around Jack's compound than were actually attacking it. This line of thinking springs from the fact that it has been very cold up there lately, and the cold seems to slow down about eighty percent of zombies to the point of incapacitation. So, since about two thousand of them have been attacking....

Today started off a lot warmer than yesterday. While we suspect that once temperatures get below forty most of the time, the zombies will begin to go inert altogether, when it warms up they come back with a vengeance. 

Jack's compound has been under assault from all sides today. Estimates are that at least six thousand of them are swarming, perhaps six to eight hundred of them smarties. The cold seems to affect both types equally, though the smarties might actually figure out that clothing will help shield them at some point. 

Every person capable of holding the wall there is doing so. Anything that works as a weapon is being used. I was told that some of the defenders are actually having to fight atop piles of dead zombies (as in, finally really dead) that have built up against the wall in some of the areas with the heaviest concentrations of attackers. Will and Steve are leading strikes out into the hordes beyond the walls, mowing down and blowing up the undead when and where they can. It's terribly risky, but Courtney, who has been asked to stay out of the fight to try and coordinate help and resources, assures me that they are very safe in the armored pickups they are tearing around in. 

I don't know what I can do to help, but I will wait all day for any instructions Courtney wants to send this way. We couldn't possibly get there in time to do any good, but if we can send aid to help the wounded or additional ammunition...damn it, I wish I could do something! FUCK!

If there were ever better proof that all survivors who want to live in peace and safety should band together and form a support network, this is it. We have to create some kind of safety net so that none of us are left without help in times of severe crisis and extreme need. If anyone out there is reading this and you are in southern Michigan and are willing to help, contact me. I will be glad to point the way. 

Otherwise, hope for them. They are holding, but living bodies need rest and sustenance. It's like fighting machines--the only way to win is for willpower to hold out over numbers. 


  1. I really wish we could be up there to help. And I hope Will and Steve have the good sense to come back in the walls if it gets to be too much for their armored vehicles, or if it looks like their entrance will be blocked off. If they don't, I'm sure Courtney will be able to talk some sense into them.

    This really makes me want to pursue that other transportation option. But that's another debate for another day. In the meantime, I hope they stay strong and safe up there.

  2. How much help would clothing really do a zombie? I mean, they don't generate body heat, that I'm aware of..

  3. they aren't completely devoid of warmth, remember. Movement is always wasteful, the friction causing heat. They seem to run about sixty degrees most of the time. My worry is that their inability to resist the cold will be mitigated by clothing just enough to keep them a threat...