Saturday, October 23, 2010

Detoured, Again

We're in Missouri, and things are not going well.

About thirty miles into across the state line from Illinois we ran into a huge swarm of zombies. The warm weather is only lasting for about six hours during the day, but it's enough to cause no end of trouble for us. We had to detour south for a long time until we found a rest area with maps. We're working on alternate routes, and alternates to those to use as needed. There is so much destruction here that only maybe one in five exits from the interstates are open, making it incredibly difficult to plan ahead.

The good news is that we haven't run into any other living people. It's not that we would normally be averse to networking among other like-minded survivors, but our goal is speed and not drawing attention. We're doing our thing here right now, siphoning gas from abandoned cars and raiding any supplies left here. I doubt that we will be getting much sleep tonight, since we're behind schedule and farther away than we should be.

A lot to do. We're alive and well, and still on the way.

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