Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dual Shock

We managed to get Rachel and her people out of their building yesterday thanks to the massive storm. It lasted for almost six hours, and was strong enough to make us worry about being blown over. The good news is that we managed to get them to our hiding spot, though not yet to their own vehicles. The bad news is that a few of us were seen, which caused the marauders to start looking around for us.

I don't think they'll find us before we leave, but they are currently searching between us and the cache of RV's that we need to get our new friends to. There are several plans up for discussion right now as to how we can distract them long enough to get out of here.

That's where we stand at the moment. As soon as this sweep is done, we'll sneak around them and create a diversion.

Back at home, things are very bad. We received word very early this morning that a big zombie attack came yesterday. The storm reached even there, and the walls were hit hard under cover of rain. It wasn't the zombies that were the problem, however, but a second attack that came at the same time, using the undead as a distraction.

I'm telling you what I have been told, and trying to keep myself calm while I do it. Bear with me.

Ten men in military gear struck the southwestern wall of the compound yesterday, having come up through the farm located outside the walls. Somehow they managed to avoid being seen by any of the folks out there working. They came in two groups, both using heavily armored and modified hummers. They had to have crept toward the compound until they were close enough to take a strong run at us, the sound of the engines drowned out by the rain and thunder.

They did come, though, and punched a hole in the wall fifteen feet across. We had several guards and lookouts in that direction, and every one of them were taken out from a distance before the soldiers made their rush. Suppressed rifles, if you can believe that.

At any rate, they burst through the defenses and immediately spread out in two squads, trying to figure out where the armory and clinic were. We found this out by capturing the last surviving member of the squads, and...inducing him to explain.

We were caught off guard, of course. We suffered a few serious blows, one of them Roger. He was shot several times, and is currently riding the line between life and death. It would have been so much worse without some very good thinking on Will's part.

He knew that some day a group would try to take us over. The obvious targets were the armory, our clinic, our council hall...any place, basically, that holds items or people that we would have a hard time sacrificing for the greater good. Though in truth, it would be difficult bordering on impossible for us to give up anyone or anything without a fight.

At any rate, Will has spent a good amount of time setting up some nice defenses for those weak points. He himself was on guard duty at the clinic when one of the squads came there. Will saw them coming, had just enough time to get to the hidden gun platform.

Fifty cal machine gun -vs- five armored soldiers? No contest. They were cut down before they could fire a shot at the clinic. The other group was hit near the armory, two of them falling into a pit trap, two getting electrocuted from a trap I helped design, and the last one captured.

The prisoner has told us a lot. Will has been able to verify a lot of what our people are being told, as he apparently knew all ten of the attackers. That didn't stop him from killing them, of course.

Richmond's soldiers have finally made a move. That they dedicated ten percent of their numbers to this attack scares the shit out of me. It has to mean something bigger will come. And what if they have managed to gather more soldiers?

It's something I will deal with when we are home and safe.

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  1. The invasion a few nights ago was such a brutal and senseless act of aggression. Who did it even benefit? Snipers murdered our people at a distance — people who were only trying to protect their kin from Zombies and Marauders. They breached our defenses, leaving us more vulnerable to Zombie attack — and they only ended up dying in the process.

    Nothing was gained in this raid. I doubt they even gained any actionable intel before dying in a hail of gunfire.

    Richmond soldiers, I know you must be reading this blog. Your raid was timed to coincide with a brief window of opportunity when we were low on personnel. Tell me, why are you so intent on murdering us? Shouldn't you be saving your ammo — and the precious lives of your highly trained military personnel — for fighting against the Zombies, especially now that the Smarties have shown themselves?

    This winter will slow the Zombies, but it may not kill them. All survivors should join forces to end the horror of the Zombie menace. Once we've done that, we can bicker all we like about whatever political or personal reasons you have for attacking us.