Thursday, October 28, 2010


Setting fire to things is occasionally super fun.

We're about fifty miles into Missouri right now, and we left behind us a lot of confusion and burning buildings. The search for us and our new friends was getting pretty intense and uncomfortably close. So, like any good survivor, a few of us circled around the town and set fire to some of the buildings we knew the marauders were using. We barely got away unseen, but the vast clouds of smoke and panicking bad guys helped out with that.

So, all in all not too bad a trip. No one hurt or killed, all of Rachel's people safely retrieved, and we're on our way home with little incident. It makes me happy to know that sometimes, things can go our way with only minor glitches in the programming.

Back home is another story. The damage to the wall has been repaired quickly if with quite a bit of haste, but the mood around the compound is obviously pretty dark. People are furious that soldiers were so easily able to breach our defenses, and scared that they had clearly planned it for so long, just waiting for the right opportunity to come at us.

Some people have been talking about a counter-attack. In fact, a whole lot of people. Will has done what he can to explain how suicidal such a move would be, and just how well prepared for us the soldiers in Richmond would have to be if they were willing to send out a force to attack in the first place. Courtney says that Will is so angry he can barely speak, and that he told her that if it weren't for the stark fact that there is no way we could win in a direct attack against them, he would lead the fight himself.

I understand some of what he feels. It has to be tearing him apart knowing that those he used to consider brothers would attack his new home and the people in it, many of whom he considers family. I wish I could be there to comfort him and pick his brain, because I am living in constant fear that this was just a probe. We need to keep level heads and plan for a worst case scenario. Will is going to be vital for planning this and setting up our efforts to beef up the compound, since he is the most knowledgeable about military tactics and equipment.

I think when we get home, we're going to have another vote for leadership. Roger is going to be out for a long time if he manages to survive his wounds, and we need someone guiding our movements that will be able to make the right decisions in what is sure to be a hard winter.

That's all I have today. Hoping to make it home by tomorrow morning, assuming that the path we made to get here hasn't been messed up too badly by the storm or...other things.

Keep safe, and watch outside closely. No amount of wariness will be enough right now. Be ready for anything.

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  1. Wasn't Richmond where George was from? Why are his people attacking you?