Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion

[ This post is out of character and out of universe. Hence the brackets for those who read via feed and the pretty yellow font for those who read via web. Living With the Dead began as an exercise in writing every day for me, and it has been incredibly fun and rewarding. Every one of you has made the time and effort I have put into this blog and the story within more than worth it in every single way. 


As I move forward in my life and my aspirations in writing, I find that I need a little help. I will keep writing this story as long as I am alive, but as I work on my fantasy novel, which I hope to have published by the end of the year, I find a need to get my name out there for others to see. Toward that end, I have collected the first six months of LWtD into an Ebook for sale on the Kindle and which can be read on any of the free Kindle programs for those of you without an actual Kindle. You can go there from this link:

Living With the Dead: With spring comes the fall

It costs about what a good cheeseburger does, and every person that supports this work by purchasing my Ebook does good in two ways. The first is obvious--you help me toward building my career as a writer, and support the work I have done here so far. The other is more subtle: ten percent of all royalties from everything I sell on the Kindle store over the next year (until halloween of next year) will go to Heifer International, toward the end of creating sustainable food resources for third world countries. 

After that year is up, I will still be donating ten percent of everything I sell, but each title will go to a different charity. I believe in doing what you can to help, and I hope that if it isn't enough to help support an indie writer, maybe it will be if you know that I am eager to help others as well. 

I will also be releasing each month individually for 99 cents, so that people can read bit by bit and stop reading if they choose, and do so cheaply. Any and all of you that can help spread the word will be appreciated, but remember that I have much love for all of you, simply for reading. 

You guys make writing and creating an incredibly worthwhile hobby for me. With your continued support, I hope to make it a career as well. Thanks. ]

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