Friday, October 8, 2010

Siege Mentality

As many of you probably noticed, I didn't post anything yesterday. This was for two reasons.

The first is that Courtney's post was something I felt needed to be read by as many people as possible. Her rushed words perfectly relayed the madness that's going on up north right now, the incredible danger that Jack's compound is in. Her writing, to me at least, demonstrated the ingenuity of people dealing with incredible and difficult circumstances. That post acted as a shining example of why every survivor needs to come together in helping one another.

The second reason is that I spent most of yesterday trying to organize some help for Jack's place. We sent out two teams of people in armored vehicles to help out up there. They contacted us a few hours ago to tell us that they had made it, and that Jack's compound is still under siege. We sent as much ammo as we could spare with them, and i hope it helps to make the difference.

Initially most of us thought that it would be almost impossible to get more people up there in time to help. But the incredible efforts of Jack's people and our own have managed to hold off disaster even though more and more zombies appear to attack.

We here at the compound have managed to get in touch with a few other groups of survivors over the last day. Many of you out there have worked very hard to make this possible, and for that my thanks will never be great enough. We have managed to coordinate some volunteers from those groups into a task force of about fifty people, all of them heading north to help in the fight.

They are going to aid by doing hit and runs against the main body of the attacking undead. I gave them Will and Steve as contact points, since Jack and his council have seen how effective they are as field leaders and have given them joint command of operations on the ground.

I wish we could send more than two teams of people up there, but the warm front has reached Frankfort now as well. It was in the sixties yesterday and is shaping up to do the same today, leading to an increase in the number of zombies around here. No attacks to speak of, really, at least nothing larger than a dozen at a time, but with so much more wall to patrol and defend, we have to conserve our people now as well.

My thoughts are with everyone who is in danger right now. I hope to hear good news from the north soon, and with luck, the cold will come back soon and give us some time to hunt down the hibernating undead...

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