Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The winds are blowing, drops of rain patter harder and more frequently against the roof of our car, and on the not too distant horizon lightning flashes.

It's all kinds of ominous, which pretty much fits the mood around here right now. The scouts we've brought with us have spent the last day studying the movements of the local marauders and the news isn't good. There are a good lot of them, and while they aren't moving toward us or Rachel's hideout, they are apparently settling in. Everything the scouts report seeing indicates a large number of them moving this way, gathering supplies and setting up base.

We spent a lot of time with Rachel's people trying to work out a plan to escape. The large numbers of marauders moving toward this town are making it difficult to move about unseen. This storm is going to help, though. Very soon it will be over us, darkening the sky and obscuring us with rain. Then we can move out, getting some of the vehicles Rachel's group have prepared to take out of here set up a safe distance away. We'll also start moving her people out of the danger zone in small groups.

If the storm can give us even two hours, we can manage a lot. The vehicles are far enough away from the main marauder camp that we feel safe moving them all at once under the cover of rain. The people are a lot closer, well within the area the marauders patrol. So on that front it's going to be a lot riskier.

Time isn't on our side. The number of enemies will only increase right along with the danger.

The storm is moving faster now. It's almost time.

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