Friday, October 22, 2010

The Way Ahead

There isn't much to talk about today. We've made it farther through Illinois than any time since the zombies destroyed society, about three hundred miles from home. We decided to stop about forty miles on the other side of interstate 57, at a rest area of all places. It has a cell signal, I guess because these little spots are designed to be self-sufficient. There's clean water, power, and some food left in the vending machines. Not to mention a bunch of abandoned cars, and we never leave home without a siphon...

Talked to Courtney this morning, who is working with my brother right now to learn about what he and I do in our posts as planners. She says that everything at home is calm, though there are some signs of zombie activity because of the warmer weather. Nothing our folks can't handle, but they will keep a close eye regardless.

Rachel and her people seem to be doing well for the time being. The marauders seem to have slacked off a bit in their raids into town. Maybe they think they've managed to find everything of value. I really, really hope that's the case, because while we're armed and ready to fight, we don't have the numbers to defeat a large force.

There are many ways we can look at and deal with the problem. Our first choice is to be as stealthy as possible and spirit her people out under cover of night. Right behind that is taking them away under a cloud of confusion and chaos. The last and least desirable option is one that I can't really discuss. It's something I have to keep under wraps. I hope it never needs to happen.

Jess and I are riding in the same vehicle on our way there. It's been a long time since we've both been healthy and together with no one else around for any length of time. We've been talking about so many things we've been through in the last eight months, and it's kind of amazing to me that our relationship is still as strong as it is.

Through the fall of society, the brief period when she was dosing me with narcotics to keep me stable to losing our child, we've been strong together. When you truly love someone, you love them for who they are, every flaw and mistake. You forgive and learn, work through what you can and tolerate what you can't. And I can't imagine anyone else putting up with my flaws. Hell, I don't know how she does it...

Going to snatch a bite to eat. I hope to make it to Kansas by late tomorrow, but from here on out the road ahead is at best a mystery. Our thoughts are focused on the task ahead, but our hearts are with you all, at home and abroad. Be safe.

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