Friday, November 19, 2010


It's too early to be dodging bullets.

The compound is on lockdown right now. While I was on my jog a few minutes ago a bullet from somewhere outside the walls came way too close to hitting me. I actually heard it go by my head. I guess it's a good thing that I'm an indifferent runner and have a hard time keeping a good rhythm.

General consensus is that there's a sniper out there somewhere. It worries me that he apparently waited to see someone who wasn't  guard or a scout. The quick meeting we organized after I ran away like a little girl with a scraped me led me to think that whoever is out there is looking for targets that have something to do with making the place run. People like me and Will, Courtney and Patrick, who have jobs that require either specialized skills or a good amount of experience. I get that, actually. Taking out scouts and guards would hurt us, but killing someone who coordinates defenses or heals the sick could be devastating.

I don't mean to downplay how vital people that guard us are, or the scouts. Every person from the folks that make our fabrics to the farmers in the field is integral to our way of life. It's just that anyone looking to weaken us knows that they would be able to do so more efficiently by causing chaos. No better way to do that than to knock out one of the gears that makes the machinery of our little society run smoothly.

Whoever it is will fail. The compound has only so many spots that are visible from a distance. Being built on a hill has a lot of tactical advantages, one of which is that our wall screens us from sight most of the way around.   So we have a general idea of his direction, but we are going to have to find a way to pick him off without putting people at risk...

That's it for now. We have a long day ahead.

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