Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There and back again (Continued)

Post by Patrick

Still in Ft. Knox, after talking to Josh on the phone briefly I decided to stay and see if there was anything useful for the impending attack upon the compound but the place has been picked clean. No weapons that I recognize any way and only a couple of transports, mostly broken are all that are left here.

I wonder how long it will take mother nature to reclaim the land now that there are no more people here. Even as I scoured the base looking for anything that might help I realized what was so odd about the place, the lawns were uncut. That doesn't sound like much but you have to spend time on a military base to know what I'm talking about. The lack of people hurrying all over the place is unsettling, but that and the lawns being over grown really kind of sets in how hard the human race is going to have to struggle to even make it.

Well with nothing here to help and a hostile army between me and the compound, I've decided to move on in the morning. Right now I'm trying to find some fuel for one of the armored personal carriers. I'll be able to sleep much better in the hotter south with some steel around me, but I won't hold my breath.

My prayers go out to every one in the compound. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I know enough of you to know that you will make a stand with everything you have, and make the people trying to deprive you of life pay a horrible price. Good luck and god bless you all.

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