Monday, December 20, 2010

Across the Ice

Just posting during a lull to let you all know that we're under attack here. The ice is still everywhere, but that isn't stopping a large group of zombies from getting up the hill to the nursing home. There are more than we've seen in one group since we've gotten here, maybe sixty all together, and they seem to be concentrating their efforts on the western wall, the one we use as a watchpost. The window we've been using as a lookout has been shattered, and a few of them actually got into that room.

Thankfully we were awake when it happened, and the lookout responded fast. He backed out of the room when the first crack appeared in the glass, and locked the door. We came in through the shared bathroom and cut down the zombies in there before blocking off the broken window.

They're still out there, and while the sound of their frozen hands beating on the walls and windows has slowed, it hasn't stopped. We're going to bite the bullet and get onto the roof to start picking them off. Which uses ammo we can't easily replace as well as sending out a huge dinner bell to any zombies within a few miles.

And to any people out there as well...

Got to get to it, just wanted to update you all. Will post tomorrow if things have calmed down by then.

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