Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Better Living Through Chemistry

This is Aaron again. Figure I'd post up another update for everybody.

So a bit of advice for those out there surviving the zombie apocalypse. Attempting to remove a bullet in one's leg without any sort of heavy medication is dang near impossible.  However, having an eight year old attempting to remove the same bullet is downright terrifying.  Fortunate for me, I watched Evans and Gabby do this enough to at least have some idea on how to walk someone else through it. That and I know a good amount about the human body.  Maybe not the exact names of certain things, but where they are and what they do most definitely. So thanks to Allan (one of the four that was trapped with me) I no longer have a bullet in my leg.  I'm still unable to walk on it though, but at least now it has the chance to heal properly.  But honestly, this isn't why I'm updating.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm very excited about having that bullet out, but some things are far more important.

Like, how we managed to secure the school.  Yes, we're secured.  The raiders for the most part are dead, though a few did escape.  I doubt they'll get very far though.  Like Josh, we're under a bit of siege, though not by nearly as many, thankfully.  This school is not even remotely zombie proof. I've gotten the kids to work on boarding up the massive windows in the classroom I'm held up in, and we've blocked off most the other entrances on our side of the school (it's too large to explore throughly at the moment).  I've been told they/re actually trying to make this place a bit of a maze, in case anyone else tries to invade our temporary home.  Of course, it's a home we just stole from some other folks.  I know in the last post I painted them as raiders and such.  But honestly, I don't know for certain.  I can only assume the fact that they fired upon our group which had a bunch of children in it that it was the case.  Then again, they might not have known.  They didn't really put forth much of an effort to flush us out of the room, though they might've just assumed we'd eventually starve to death.  It's a hard call.  Can't really ask them now, can I? Oh well.  Still I have five dead children and three dead adults, so forgive me if I don't seem too terribly upset about it.

Ugh, I really wish Gabby or Evans was here about now.  I was glad to hear they were doing well wherever they are.  Still, this leg is killing me.  Maybe I can have Philip figure out some way to use the chemicals in the lab to make some sort of heavy duty painkiller.

Oh yeah.  Yeah. Philip found the chemistry lab.  Rather Gregg found it, but Philip put it to use.  It's find was a major contributer to overtaking and ousting the occupants of the cafeteria.  Basically the run of it is this;  Philip used to go to a public school before the fall, and anyone whose been to public school knows that most schools come equipped with chemistry labs in varying degrees.  Typically they store the chemicals you work with in one of the large glass cabinets that are surprisingly easy to break into.  Philip sent Gregg (via the vents) to find this school's.  Apparently this school got a substantial amount of state funding, because it had a very nice chemistry lab.  Even had a working eye wash apparently. Imagine that. Even had all the chemicals properly labelled or so I'm told.  So a little bit of saltpeter, some sugar, a little bit of baking soda, some aluminum foil and two Bunsen burners later, Philip and his group had a handful of smoke bombs.  I'm not sure how the battle went exactly. However, I'm told Philip and the other kids took down 5 of them before they even had a chance to react.  The last three made a run for it. One of those guys was knifed down by Tanya and Gregg.  The other two got away or so it sounds anyways.

I'm not sure how I feel about what the children did to be honest. Part of me is proud that they did what was necessary for survival.  The fact that they've killed now, that worries me.  Gregg and Tanya both seem so much more withdrawn, though they follow Philip around like puppies.  Philip's more or less taken charge of things here, since I'm mostly out of commission.  Though he does come to talk to me at great lengths now, discussing this plan or the next.  He's a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders.  Though, I feel like he's enjoying this being in charge thing a bit too much.  Still, what am I gonna do?  I'm pretty much immobile, and unlike me, he's not gotten anyone killed, yet.

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