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Just got this in my Email. I'm posting the entire message unedited.

Josh, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and it wasn’t until I read your posts over thanksgiving that I realized it was finally time to reach out and make a connection with you and those in your community. It feels funny to use that word. As I read your entries, there are many references to The Fall. A shortened way to refer to the date that the White House sent out their last communicates declaring Marshall Law in the United States and its territories. Over time, I’ve come to view “the fall” as an equally important time in each of our journeys. The Fall being the end of civilization as we knew it, the fall being the journey each of us takes to come to terms with what exactly that means.

I had to be at work early one April morning. It was unseasonably warm, and I had regretted putting on my blazer the second I stepped outside, but knew my office would be exponentially cooler than the temperature outside, so I sucked it up and drove to work. I should probably mention that going to work early for me is going into work before 4 am. I’m not use to seeing many cars, let alone much else at that time of day. And I didn’t. Well, in retrospect my drive would take me along the back side of a property on which a hospital is located and I thought there were a lot of flashing lights that morning, but didn’t think much of it. I work about 3 blocks past the hospital and as I pulled into the twisting drive leading to my parking space I noticed a group of what I assumed as homeless people standing at the far end of the main parking lot. I zipped into my spot and crossed the short distance from my parking spot to the side door I use in the mornings in a hurry. My loafers clacking on the concrete as I crossed the small court yard to the entrance. I let myself in the building being sure to pull the door tight behind me. I nearly sprinted down the hall and punched my code into the beeping security system. I paused at the welcome desk for a moment. Something was not sitting right with me. I had seen people on campus before, but never this early and never in such a disheveled state. I went behind the desk and reached for the phone. I hesitated for a moment with my hand on the receiver when I heard a loud banging on one of the doors down the hall. I punched 911 into the key pad and listened as the phone rang. Someone picked up after 4 or 5 rings and as I tried to relay where I was and what was happening the line went dead. I steadied my hand and replaced the receiver counted to 5 and dilled again. This time I was met with only a busy signal. I replaced the receiver and sat down to collect my thought. I then noticed the computer monitor at the desk had come on. Apparently the security system was tied into the phone system and when I called it had activated. The screen asked me to select what my emergency was from a short list. I selected unknown persons on campus. It then asked me if they were in the building or on the grounds. I selected on the grounds. The third question I stared at for longer than most probably would. “Would you like to engage code red security measures?”

When I had stared working I was told about how cutting edge the facility was. It could be locked down in a matter of seconds. All windows covered with solid metal gates. All doors locked in what was described to me as a manner similar to how a safe locks and had metal gates that covered them as well. The facility was also almost self sustaining as far as electricity was concerned. Great measure had been taken to reduce the carbon footprint and base operations could be run simply on the solar power and wind power the facility collected. Another series of pounding sounds brought me back to the present and I clicked the button to engage code red. It asked on more time if I was sure and said yes out loud as I clicked the button. In a matter of seconds all light from outside was obscured and I could hear the pounding still coming from down the hall only this time it was the distinct sound of fists on metal.

I should probably take a moment to mention a bit about where I work. I won’t give too much detail for safety sake, but I’ll paint a broad picture. I work in a school. Surprising isn’t it? You probably though I worked in some top secret military complex or for some large corporation. The thing that sets my school apart from most is that we deal with the children of very wealthy people. Like if Oprah had kids, kind of wealthy. Security measure like these are considered another selling point for the school like small class size and being able to customize your curriculum as early as kindergarten.

I made my way to my office and got online to post an e-mail about locking down the campus and try to contact the police again. When I opened up my browser I was so shocked by what was on my screen I dropped the phone and could only stare at the carnage and hysteria unfolding.

The next several days and for that matter months played out similar to how you’ve been explaining it people. Only I had a great luxury of not having to battle a single zombie. Also, food has not been an issue as the facility was used to feeding hundreds a day and having a supply on hand to last close to 10 days.

I don’t know why I’m reaching out to you. I have everything I need to last conceivable until the entire zombie threat is gone. I have more books and movies than I could finish in a life time. I have enough food and water to last for years. I’ve just begun to feel like there is something missing. There were time I felt like I was the only person on the face of the earth.

In light of the recent events at your compound though I realized I was being selfish. Here I have more food, water and power than I know what to do with and you are huddled in the cold for survival. I don’t know what you’ll run into on the way here. With the limited sights I have I can say I haven’t seen a zombie in weeks if not months. This area was nearly leveled in the initial infestation. The major highways and bridges into the city were destroyed, and fires broke out destroying large sections of the city. I’m not sure if the fires were the act of fleeing individuals or the government trying to contain the outbreak. I guess what I’m trying to say is please join me with any survivors from your compound that would like to come. I’ll contact you with more details if you are interested.



This is exactly what we've been shooting for. People coming forward to do what they can not because we tell them to or even ask them to, but because they understand that the only way we can keep going is to work as a team.

We're on the road at the moment, so this is all I can manage for today. Back tomorrow for a good long update, when we get where we're trying to go.

Fucking snowstorms...

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