Friday, December 24, 2010

I Still Live (For Now)

This is just a quick post to let every one out there know that for the moment I'm still alive. Though what I've seen and done in the last couple of weeks makes me wish that I wasn't. The only reason I continue to fight and draw breath is all that is left of my family, my two nieces and the daughter of my oldest friend. These three little girls are all alone in the world except for me.

My phone is getting ready to die again and I'm feeling faint from the blood loss, so please know that as soon as I find some power, and signal again I will try to post more. I just pray that happens. We are on foot and with out any real weapons, just blunt objects.

Please know that if I don't make it, that I had to do this and numbers wouldn't have made any difference. The only reason that I made it this far is I was alone. When you remember me I really hope that it brings a smile to your faces. Sorry for being so macabre but the odds can only be so long before you have to face reality. Will continue to fight though, you aren't dead until your dead, and even then you don't get to rest any more.

Well from the way the girls are staring at me the dead have caught us up again, the cold has slowed them down a lot but they don't have to rest, must get going.

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