Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Chilling

Hello everyone,

     This is Aaron here.  Josh asked me to post up some time ago, but given the situation I now find myself in, today was the earliest I could do it.  See, I'm injured at the moment. Don't worry, it's not lethal or anything.  I'll survive.  But maybe I should back up a bit.  Explain everything that's gone on.

When I found out about Richmond making their way to the compound and Will's betrayal, I grabbed most of the class that was with me. Roughly around 20 kids.  Most of them were around the 8-12 age range, though there was a pair of 15 year olds and a 17 year old.  There were a few adults with us, but I'll get back to that.  We all managed to grab one of the outfitted school buses and thankfully one of the adults (Teddy was his name I think) knew how to drive the thing.  We got the heck out of dodge and just started driving.  I honestly had no clue where to go.  I was so frustrated, so angry, and so betrayed.  I trusted Will.  Will, can you read this?  I trusted you!  I hope you realize the hell you're going to get someday.  The hell that all of you will get.

Anyways, after driving for what seemed like forever trying to find a place, we passed by the perfect place.  A school.  I don't know why I hadn't thought of it sooner.  It's specifically equipped to deal with large groups of children.  Groups much larger than my own.  I also believed no one would've raided it.  Most people don't see schools as supply stations.  They forget all the medical stuff the nurses offices have, all the food the cafeteria holds, and most importantly, the back up generators most these places have for cases of emergency.  This one in particular looked to be mostly solar powered given the panels on the roof.  Not to mention two-way radios and other very very useful supplies.  So we quickly offloaded everyone on the bus (after concealing it from view of the road) and went into the school.  I felt a sense of amusement as I passed through the doors.  I always felt like I belong in a school in some form or fashion, just not quite like this.  Our group started making our way to the cafeteria since the first thing that needed to be checked was the food supply.

I'm guessing they must've heard us coming.  I don't honestly know.  My memory of the events is a bit foggy.  The only real things I remember was hearing a loud bang, followed by an explosion of pain in my leg.  I watched as Teddy, and two other adults with me were mowed down by what seemed to be a hail of bullets.  Four of the kids dragged me off to what seems like one of the side classrooms.  They locked and barricaded the door.  I continued to hear gunshots, but instead of hearing the screams of dying children (though there were a couple of those) I heard a couple of grunts and heavy thumps.  It seems the 17 year old(whose name I just remembered is Philip) had thought enough in advance to bring a gun of his own and apparently some of the kids grabbed the guns from the fallen adults.

It wasn't long after this that I heard noises in the vents.  Two of the bravest kids(Gregg and Tanya) I know crawled out of it.  They apparently had decided to use the vents as a means of communication and information gathering (or talking and looking as they said). They watched a lot of spy movies before the fall apparently.  Fortunate for them they were also some of the smallest kids in the class.  What they had to tell me was grim.  There are still 8 men left in the cafeteria and they have the two large entrances each guarded by two men, as well as the one side entrance into the kitchen area. Each of the men carry guns and what looks to be some sort of homemade pipe bomb if the description from Gregg is any indication. We lost the two fifteen year olds (Jenny and James their names were, twins even, maybe even the last set of twins around though I hope not), all three of the adults (other than myself, of course), and 3 of the other children.  Everyone else made it into the room across the hall from me, so they're close at least.   So that leaves me with 15 kids in two separate rooms, and unable to move.

Oh yeah I suppose I should tell you what's going on with that.  I was shot in the thigh.  Somehow just missed the big artery that runs through it, thankfully.  Unfortunately, I can't really treat it, but at least I'm able to keep the wound clean with some neosporin and rubbing alcohol Gregg has gotten me from the Nurse's office.  But still, if I don't get the bullet out sometime soon, it's not gonna be fun.  Not that any of this is.  Ever.  Gregg was also nice enough to bring me one of the guns from the other room so I can protect the four kids in here with me.  Philip's doing a pretty good job so far of organizing things in the other room. I've been told he and the other kids are even working on a plan. Also we've managed to stay fairly warm.  I'm guessing that some of the bastards held up in this place are maintaining the generator to keep the electric flowing.   So that's where things stand.  I'm not sure how we're going to get out of this but we will.  I won't let another one of the kids die if I can help it.  They've become my new family in a way. I'm proud of my kids, very proud.  But I'm also sad for them.  That they've had to go through this, and worst of all, they'll most likely have to kill to get out of here.  Philip already has, and I imagine that will change him.  No one kills without being changed.  I know this.  The fact that they might have to kill just to survive this mess makes me incredably sad, but it also makes me angry.

Angry at Richmond.  Because if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be going through this.  None of us.  Do you hear that Richmond?!  You've done this to us.  The death of those kids are on your heads.  You're monsters.  You're not doing a duty or trying to protect a civilian population.  You're ogres and thieves.  Men who decided to come in and take over a territory, through what I suspect is vicious subterfuge, and as soon we recover from this, you will pay. Don't think you won't.  Don't think you've won.  You've wakened a beast, a terrible and vengeful beast.

But for now I'm going to rest and try to keep up with what the kids are planning.  I'm gonna see if I can have Gregg find a few of those two way radio's so I can more easily talk with Philip and them. That way I won't feel completely useless.  Wish me luck folks.

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