Thursday, December 2, 2010


[Posted by Treesong]

I don't know if Will's story is true. Frankly, I don't care. He knew that our plan wasn't surrender. If he took Darlene's death as an opportunity to change our plans "for our own good," he's a traitor just the same. Either way, he's a dead man. The punishment for treason is death.

What part of Death to Aggressors didn't you understand, soldiers of Richmond? What good do you think will come of this insane and murderous act of war you've committed against one of the few organized and largely peaceable settlements in the aftermath of the Fall? Do you really think the value of any weapons and supplies you've gained will outweigh the ill-will you've earned from all other remaining survivors? You've earned a special place in our hearts, but we're not the only ones who know what you're doing. Survivors around the world are reading this. More people will probably start reading once they hear what you've done.

The whole world is watching you. What do you think they will make of your actions?

The only thing preventing me from going back over there and hunting Will down personally is that my beloved Bridget is with child. She's three months along, and she's more important to me than anything or anyone else right now. I must focus on protecting the next generation rather than eliminating the people of the old generation who have don't have the moral integrity and/or common sense required to cooperate with other peace-seeking survivors.

We are in a defensive position now, and I will honor that. Of course, there's also the fact that I don't have the years of experience required to be an excellent sniper. I've gotten pretty good at it, that's for sure. I can take out zombies at quite a distance when I need to. But long-range sniping of humans is much harder — and I wouldn't want to risk missing. So I will save the Punisher-style vengeance trip for another day.

Why, Will? Why? And soldiers of Richmond, why? If we're to believe Will's side of the story, which seems implausible, you must be congenial enough that he thought he could convince you to change your course of action. If you're anything other than a soulless conquering hoard of murderers and slavers, then why would you invade a peace-seeking settlement of people who are doing their best to rebuild human civilization and ensure the survival of the species? Yes, we have guns, and yes, we have sometimes used them against the living. But only for the sake of defense, never for the sake of aggression as you have done.

An unprovoked act of military aggression is the greatest of all war crimes because it is the crime that opens the door to all others.

If you're willing to offer us the unconditional return of our newly created homeland, then we can discuss the whys and the hows of your action at a safe distance from each other. But if you prefer to hold onto the fruits of our labor without making your motives clear, then it doesn't really matter what your motives are, does it?

You are a force of nature, sweeping into our land for reasons unknown but easily guessed, taking away all that we have built with our blood and sweat and tears. But make no mistake, we are a force of nature too. We have survived the Fall of human civilization; we will also survive this needless invasion by a band of heartless Marauders.

Just to be clear, you're not part of the U.S. military anymore. Wearing that uniform and driving that vehicle doesn't make you a part of the U.S. military. You're just a few punks with guns and poisons who have no respect for human life or human rights or human dignity.

Give us back our compound. And short of that, leave us in peace, and don't send anyone looking for us. We're really not in the mood for any snipers or soldiers or further mind games. We're not going to invite you over for a cup of tea. Any unannounced visitors to our retreat position will not live to tell the tale.

If you're not going to give us back our homes, go enjoy your ill-gotten gains for a while and leave us in peace out out here in the dark and the cold. Our rage will keep us warm.

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  1. Also, nerve gas? Really?

    I've had numerous conversations with people about how we shouldn't use any forms of chemical weapons because of the suffering and disfigurement they cause. We've used the homemade equivalent of napalm before, but that was on zombies, not the living. And here, after I've made all these arguments for respecting human rights — after WILL has heard me make this arguments — you come to our doorstep with nerve gas, planning to use it aggressively on a settlement with children present?

    Again, the more I think about it, the less I care about your motives. Sick, sick, sick.